The activities of the MOBISEC project are divided into six work packages, covering the following:

  • Management of the project: The aim is to organise effective working processes throughout the project by establishing productive management approaches and to apply them by all partners involved. Part of the tasks include also development of action plan of sub-periods, preparation of progress, interim and final reports, etc. 
  • Cycling and pedestrian safety: Research reports and studies about the present situation of the the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and the different possibilities to be applied for increasing their security and confidence on the road will be carried out; abalysis of the urban transport network and action plan of actions to be executed in different areas of the city will be elaborated; application of information technologies to iprove use of bicycles, creation of web portal on sustainable mobility with a we page specially designed to show safe routes for cyclists within the city and implementation of the security measures pointed out in the researches and analyses will be some of the other activities in this work package. 
  • Intermodality and improvement of the sustainable network of transport: The intensity and modes of use of intermodality and its possibilities will be studied and analysed as well as the connections of different means of transport, times, schedules and opportunities of intermodality implementation between bicycle and bus, train, tramway. A research of ICT implementation possibilities will be carried out and the use of public transport; Study of the needs of space, security of the areas, proximity to other means of transport, bus/tramway stations, public parkings for cars, schools and needs of mobility of population near those areas will be examined in respect to adaptation of parking areas for bicyycles near the transport stations with the aim of boosting intermodality.
  • Citizen participation: Three local working groups with all interested parties will be set up. These will be a base for creating a platform for dialogue with the community by enabling citizens, experts, NGO-members and other stakeholders to participate in the decision making process by gathering their opinion, suggestions and objections.
  • Evaluation: This WP will evaluate the results of all work packages and will identify the key success factors in each participating country in the development of sustainable transport modes, intermodality and the implementation of the project in general.
  • Dissemination, Awareness and Education: A dissemination plan for each partner will be elaborated; the project web portal and website will be developed, as well as a project logo and style guide; standard and innovative dissemination materials will be created and awareness campaigns will be carried out

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European Commission

This project is co-financed by DG "MOVE" of the European Commission